Jan 06

Tutorial 3 – Add a structure from PubChem to a document using Chem4Word

This video tutorial shows you how to add a structure from a PubChem search to a Microsoft Word document using the Chem4Word addin.

Here’s the video


  • Clicking the Chemistry ribbon’s “Import” button allows us to search PubChem for structures, rather than having to draw them manually.
  • Type a seach term, such as a common name or IUPAC name for the chemistry you want to include in the document.
  • Select the correct compound from the list of results from the search.
  • Click the OK button and Chem4Word will search ChemSpider to see if we can find a name for your structure, that you can use that name elsewhere in your document;  we’ll show you how in a separate tutorial.
  • Edit the structure if you want to remove excessive hydrogen atoms that may have been drawn.  Sometimes, structure files in PubChem represent all hydrogen atoms explicitly,

You now have your first structure from PubChem in your Microsoft Word document!

Learn more

We can show chemistry as 2D structures, formulae or chemical names.  The next tutorial shows you how to change the way that chemistry is represented in Microsoft Word documents that were created using the Chem4Word addin.

Get your copy of the Chemistry Addin for Microsoft Word from the download page.

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