Jan 06

Tutorial 2 – Edit a structure in a document using Chem4Word

This video tutorial shows you how to edit an existing structure in a Microsoft Word document using the Chem4Word addin.

Here’s the video


  • Double-clicking a structure will open a structure editor in which you can edit your structure.
  • You can edit the currently selected structure by clicking the “Edit” button on the Chemistry ribbon.
  • Click the OK button and Chem4Word will search ChemSpider to see if we can find a name for your structure, that you can use that name elsewhere in your document;  we’ll show you how in a separate tutorial.
  • Edit the name that was found or just leave it as it is

You now have edited your first structure in your Microsoft Word document!

Learn more

We can add structures to documents in other ways.  The next tutorial shows you how to add chemistry from a Pubchem search.

Get your copy of the Chemistry Addin for Microsoft Word from the download page.

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