Chem4Word FAQs – Chemistry add-in for Microsoft Word

This is where you will find the answers to your Frequently Asked Questions about Chem4Word.

Q:  Who produces Chem4Word?  How do I get involved

A:  We are a team of volunteers, numbering seven right now, but we are always looking for new talent.  Email us if you want to help.

Q:  When will we have a Macintosh version?

A: We are not planning a Macintosh version of Chem4Word.  And the moment the add-in relies heavily upon the VSTO architecture.  We would need to redevelop the add-in to be independent of this architecture.

The new-add in architecture in Office 2016 might offer a pathway to future Mac support.  Watch this space for further developments.

Q:  What new features are in the pipeline for Chem4Word?

A:  Our ‘pipeline’ only extends as far as the next version release.  But we are thinking already about what new features we would like, such as

  • Support for reaction schemes
  • Electron ‘pushers’ (curly arrows)
  • Even better quality structures


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