Jan 21

Tutorial 4 – Using the Chemistry Navigator in Chem4Word

This video tutorial shows you how to use the Chemistry Navigator in the Chem4Word addin.

Here’s the video


  • You can click the Chemistry ribbon’s “Navigator” button to see all of the chemistry in a Microsoft Word document.
  • Users can choose whether to show structures or chemical formulae in the Navigator.
  • Using the Navigator, you can insert linked or unlinked copies of any chemistry into the document.
  • You can choose how these linked copies are displayed in a document;.
  • Chemistry can be displayed as 2D Structures, Chemical Names,Chemical Formulae or any other labels you have created.
  • Users can update all of the linked copies of a chemistry object by editing one of the copies.
  • You can select any chemistry in a document and change the way it is displayed using the View button in the Chemistry ribbon,

You now know how to use the Chemistry Navigator to insert linked copies of chemistry and how to change how these are displayed in your Word documents!

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There are other ways to reuse structures that you’ve already drawn.  The next tutorial will shows you how to use the Chemistry Gallery to re-use chemistry in other Word documents..

Get your copy of the Chemistry Addin for Microsoft Word from the download page.

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