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Dec 20

Free Udemy Course

The first Chem4Word course is now available on Udemy! And it’s free, just like Chem4Word!

Apr 12

What’s coming up in Version 3 – Under the hood

A completely new version of Chem4Word In the last post, we showed you some of the improvements we’re making in the new version of the Chem4Word addin, and how they improve the experience of our users.  In this post, we’d like to share with you some of the changes that we’ve made, but from a developer’s …

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Apr 03

What’s coming up in Version 3 – A user perspective

A completely new version of Chem4Word We have been working on a new version of the Chemistry addin for Microsoft Word and we’d like to show our progress so far.  The new Ribbon and Library are shown in the picture below.  We also have a new version of the Chemistry Navigator and a replacement for the …

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Dec 23

Next version of Chem4Word

We are starting work on the next version of Chem4Word. What features would you like to see in it? Please make any suggestions in the our Facebook group  5,110 total views

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Sep 08

We’re moving to the .NET Foundation

The Chem4Word Project began in 2008 as a collaboration between Microsoft Research and the University of Cambridge.  The project’s original instigators, Tony Hey and Peter Murray-Rust, intended to add the capability to create and edit chemical structures within the world’s most popular word processor, Microsoft Word.  This was novel enough in itself, but the ‘Chemistry Add-In for …

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Dec 16

Chem4Word – Usage data collection

There are lots of software products out there that collect ‘usage’ data and many of us simply accept the terms and conditions without giving it  a thought.  Chem4Word is no exception, but I thought that I would share some of it back with you! The current beta release has been collecting information about Office version, …

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Dec 14

Latest Version Released

The latest version of Chem4Word the Chemistry AddIn for Microsoft Word is available for download.  In version, we’ve addressed a number of issues, including the following: Changed what happens when users try to copy/paste or drag/drop structures.  At present, the only way to replicate or move structures in a document is to use the Chemistry Navigator. Changed …

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Dec 07

New website up and running

Well, you’re reading this post, so that you obviously already know that the Chem4Word project has a new website. We’re a very small group of people working on, what we believe, is a very useful add-in for Microsoft Word. There are plenty of applications that allow users to draw chemical structures, but the unique point …

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