Dec 14

Latest Version Released

The latest version of Chem4Word the Chemistry AddIn for Microsoft Word is available for download.  In version, we’ve addressed a number of issues, including the following:

  • Changed what happens when users try to copy/paste or drag/drop structures.  At present, the only way to replicate or move structures in a document is to use the Chemistry Navigator.
  • Changed the sizing and orientation of images in the Chemistry Navigator so that even large structures are displayed more clearly.
  • Made the “insert linked/un-linked copies” buttons in the Chemistry Navigator more visible.
  • Ensured that all of the prerequisites are installed along with the AddIn.
  • Fixed bug in import of double and triple bonds on structures from ChemSpider.
  • Fix bug when user edited structure, then cancelled edit labels; Resulting in loss of changes.
  • Progress bar and Editor windows should now be shown on same monitor as active document.
  • Added form for user feedback, when errors are shown.
  • Automatic check for new version.
  • Updated ChemDoodle Web to 7.0.2.

We’ve also made some changes to the way that usage data is collected to help us to understand which versions of Microsoft Word are being used with the AddIn.

Please download the latest version from here.